He came home to an open door He didn’t believe till he entered He looked in alarm at the dirty floor The baby lay in the centre Advertisements

Binding the Spirit of False Entitlement

The sun was in no mood to be nice that day and she radiated as much heat as she could onto the earth without a care in the world. Down on the earth’s surface, in one part of a beautiful Nigerian city, stood a woman. She was outside her house and she fidgeted as she […]

My Friends Travel at the Speed of Light

I used to be a quote collector. One of the quotes that still resonates with me goes thus: “In the middle of a thunderstorm can be found a little sunshine.” So it follows that in war-torn zones, people do not stay hidden for too long. They eventually gather round to tell stories, listen to soccer […]

The Over-Striking Resemblance

For the most part, every tiger resembles every other tiger and every mushroom resembles every other mushroom. Resemblance is a widespread hallmark of nature; it is so widespread that even in humans – the most distinct species – resemblance still exists. Beyond the fact that all humans have two feet, forward-looking eyes, a set of […]


We walked hand in hand, fingers entwined, my father and I. I raised my head to look at him; he was the handsomest man in his age-grade and ever since my mother passed away, our house had been besieged by young unmarried maidens and even a few married women under various pretexts


In  my previous post, 5 THINGS ADULTS SHOULDN’T LIKE I touched on 5 things adults shouldn’t like (but some do) and in this post, I’m going to consider the reverse: 5 things adults should like (but some don’t).